What's so special about special claims?

Learn how to file special claims to collect funds that the owner is entitled to due to vacancy loss, unpaid rent and tenant damages


Filing HUD Special Claims for Vacancy Loss, Unpaid Rent, & Tenant Damages

November 9, 2023 at 1:00 PM Eastern

The special claims process is designed to reimburse vacancy loss, unpaid rent, and tenant damages. Amanda Lee Gross covers everything you need to know about this valuable resource.

Learn to get the most out of HUD Special Claims

Get your money back. In this 90-minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross — VP of Training and Compliance Policy for US Housing Consultants — will provide the information needed to process special claims for vacancies after rent-up and unpaid rent/damages.

The owner/agent must file for this reimbursement. While HUD does not require owners/agents to file for special claims, management agents who do not file are essentially choosing not to collect funds that the project’s owner is entitled to.

Unlock the potential of Special Claims 

Become an affordable housing specialist who understands how to file special claims that can increase a project's bottom line and help to fulfill a management agent's fiduciary duty to the owner. Sign up today.

This course is part of our HUD Advanced Series and includes 1.5 hours of CE that can be used towards obtaining your HUD A.C.E Designation.

    • Instructor: Amanda Lee Gross
    • Type of Instruction: 1.5 Hour Live Video Presentation
    • Certification: 1.5 Hours of CEU
    • Certificate Provided: Yes 
    • Cost Per Person: $150.00
    • Hours for HUD A.C.E Designation
    • Manual: PDF Manual Download 


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