What's Next for REAC

The NSPIRE Standards, Scoring Methodology, and Procedures


What's Next for REAC Inspections - NSPIRE Standards, Scoring, and Procedures

May 3, 2023, 1:00 PM Eastern

Learn about the new HUD NSPIRE standards. These requirements will replace all existing inspection standards in the fall.

Preparing for NSPIRE Changes to REAC Inspections

HUD is reforming REAC Inspections, updating the inspection protocol to a new set of standards and rules called NSPIRE. The new standards are focused on identifying hazardous conditions with a focus on living conditions in units. Additionally, NPSIRE will add new design requirements, which may require owners to invest in upgrades and new features. Starting in October of 2023, HUD will begin implementing the NSPIRE standards, and in this session, we’ll discuss what owners and management agents need to do prepare for the coming changes.

New Clearer Inspection Standards

The standards for NSPIRE are clearer and more direct than the current REAC requirements — UPCS. We’ll review some of the most significant changes from the current protocol to the new NSPIRE standards. We’ll break down the requirements including photos of examples and references to the underlying code requirements. The session will also review the new scoring method used for NSPIRE inspections, which is more streamlined and easier to understand but also carries significant penalties and risks for properties that fail to maintain every day.

NSPIRE's Impact on Tax Credit, HOME, and Other Funding Programs

We'll discuss how NSPIRE standards will impact Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, HOME, Housing Trust Fund, and Voucher Programs. Starting this October, all housing programs will be impacted by NSPIRE,  How will state agencies prepare for the changes, and just how different are the NSPIRE standards from both HQS and UPCS protocols? We will provide an outline of the differences and some tools for owners and state agencies to use to help with the transition to NSPIRE.

Getting Ready for NSPIRE

Join Scott Precourt of US Housing Consultants to discuss the coming changes and challenges of the NSPIRE reforms. In this session, he will discuss:

  • New NSPIRE Scoring Methodology
  • A Crosswalk Review of Changes from HQS and UPCS to NSPIRE
  • Practical Examples of Differences in Inspection Standards and Methods
  • New Design Requirement Standards
  • How to Integrate NSPIRE into Internal Self-Inspections
  • Impact of NSPIRE Changes on HOME, LIHTC, and other Programs

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