Self-Paced Online NSPIRE Specialist Course

Learn the New NSPIRE Standards Online at Your Own Pace

Self-Paced Online NSPIRE Specialist Course

$299.00 Per Person

NSPIRE Standards and Protocols Training

You need to know NSPIRE. And we can teach you all of NSPIRE's ins and outs — at your own pace. Come October, NSPIRE will be the universal inspection standard. We offer a first-of-its-kind comprehensive NSPIRE certification course for all funding programs and applications, covering everything NSPIRE in this self-paced online course. We will deliver a thorough analysis of each NSPIRE standard as well as how to recognize deficiencies, conduct inspections, and understand the operational implications of the change from HQS and UPCS to NSPIRE.

Serious Changes Require Serious Curriculum

NSPIRE’s requirements align with International Building Code (IBC), International Code Council (ICC), and UFAS/ADA Accessibility Requirements, as well as fire and life safety standards. The ACE Certification course addresses the basis for NSPIRE standards while conveying what the complete requirements are. Without a complete deep dive, properties could make changes to that meet NSPIRE standards but end up creating fair housing violations. The NSPIRE ACE Certification seminar provides a full understanding of all standards that is both comprehensive and clear.

What Does the NSPIRE ACE Certification Course Include?

US Housing Consultants will explain NSPIRE policies and procedures (broken down by funding program), the score on the REAC scoring process, and an in-depth analysis of each NSPIRE standard. In this 6-hour course, we explain standards and deficiencies, show detailed examples, and describe the step-by-step requirements for each component required to be inspected under NSPIRE. After each section, there is a quiz exam on that section and a final test at the end.

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