Conquer Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance

Tax Credit Certification​ Course on determining eligibility, from processing applications, income, assets, leasing, and student status

Conquering LIHTC Compliance & HCCP Exam

Virtual Training

March 26 - March 28, 2024  I 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

Three-day, 16.5 hours training specially designed to assist affordable housing professionals in conquering LIHTC project compliance.

Everything You Need to Know about LIHTC Program

Join Gary Kirkman for a three-day, 16.5 hours training on Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance and get a chance to earn your HCCP certification.

Gary will delve deep into the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit laws and regulations while also providing real-world examples. This engaging and interactive course utilizes examples and exercises to ensure attendees gain a thorough understanding of all compliance requirements.

Topics include:

  • Calculation of earned income and income from assets, and unearned income.
  • Leasing Requirements & Student Eligibility
  • Handling Project Set-Asides and Eligible Basis
  • Calculating Rent Limits and Handling Utility Allowances
  • Learn best practices for ensuring that you are always in compliance.

Learn to Develop the Valuable Skills of a Tax Credit Expert

Learning tax credit compliance rules is one of the keys to success in any housing professional's career. LIHTC funding is so widely used that a thorough understanding of the rules is essentially mandatory. Additionally, earning your HCCP certification will instantly elevate your credentials as a compliance expert. Join us to learn everything you need to know to prepare yourself for a successful career in affordable housing compliance.

This course is part of our LIHTC Certification Course and includes 16.5 hours of CE that can be used towards obtaining your HCCP Designation (optional). 

  • Instructor: Gary Kirkman
  • Type of Instruction: 16.5 Hours of Virtual Instruction
  • Certification: 16.5 Hours of CEU
  • Certificate Provided: Yes 
  • Cost Per Person: $650
  • Manual: PDR Reference Manual
Earn a Housing Credit Compliance Professional (HCCP) Designation

An optional Housing Certified Certified Professional (HCCP) Exam is offered with this course. The HCCP exam is offered separately from the training and is open to anyone who would like to take the HCCP exam. One does not have to take the course in order to take the exam. The HCCP is a specialized designation through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for developers, property managers, asset managers, and other professionals working with the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.

Please note the HCCP Exam will be offered online.

Requirements for achieving the HCCP Designation:

Minimum of two years experience in the LIHTC industry by graduation (Those who fail to meet this requirement may consider themselves an HCCP-Candidate until reaching two years of experience.)

  • A total of 10 hours of LIHTC training
  • Adherence to the HCCP Code of Ethics
  • Successful completion of the HCCP Exam ($204 fee online)
This training is being sponsored by the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA)


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