Working with the Average Income Test Set-Aside

Learn how to identify and correct AIT Non-Compliance to avoid credit loss from noncompliance.


AIT Non-Compliance - How to Avoid Credit Loss from Noncompliance

May 10, 2023 at 1:00 PM Eastern

In this webinar, Amanda Lee Gross will discuss new rules regarding non-compliance with the new Average Income Test set-aside. This will include best practices for correcting and preventing non-compliance with AIT regulations.

Learn about the possibilities of AIT, while preparing for possible issues

The new Average Income Test set-aside provides new flexibility and opportunities for owners and investors. However, as exciting as the AIT is, there are still possible issues with non-compliance. As always, the risk of credit loss remains an ever present issue. Knowing how to identify and correct AIT Non-Compliance to avoid credit loss from non-compliance is vital.

Getting Ready for AIT Challenges

Tax Credit (LIHTC) compliance specialists who fully understand the Average Income Test (AIT) set-aside are ready for what's next in the industry. While AIT is still new, affordable housing specialists who are fully versed in AIT will be prepared to take on new challenges and provide advice to people struggling to understand these new rules.

This course is part of our LIHTC Advanced Series and includes 1.5 hours of CE that can be used towards obtaining your LIHTC HCCP Designation.

  • Instructor: Amanda Lee Gross
  • Type of Instruction: 1.5 Hour Live Video Presentation
  • Certification: 1.5 Hours of CEU
  • Certificate Provided: Yes 
  • Cost Per Person: $150.00

  • CE Hours for LIHTC HCCP
  • Manual: PDF Manual Download 

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