The World of Work Is Changing

Handing New Income and Asset Sources in Affordable Housing


Gig Income and Techy Assets, From Crypto to Uber To OnlyFans

June 7, 2023 at 1:00 PM Eastern

Join Amanda Lee Gross on this webinar to discuss the challenges of “new income.” Learn how to calculate and verify gig income, crypto, and peer-to-peer payment apps.

Learn How to Verify and Calculate Gig Income

What is “Gig Income”? In short, gig income consists of non-traditional self-employment from sources such as Uber, Upwork, and Only Fans. Gig workers are paid as subcontractors, and as such, they can deduct eligible business expenses. This can present many issues, including obtaining proper verification, projecting future earnings, and creating proper documentation.

New Sources of Income, New Types of Assets, and New Challenges

Knowing how to work with new sources of income is a vital skill for affordable housing compliance professionals. Developing a thorough understanding of how to handle self-employment, subcontractor work, and new tech assets will prepare housing professionals for any situation.

This course is part of our LIHTC Advanced Series and includes 2 hours of CE that can be used towards obtaining your HUD, HOME, or RD A.C.E. Designation or your LIHTC HCCP Designation.

  • Instructor: Amanda Lee Gross
  • Type of Instruction: 2 Hour Live Video Presentation
  • Certification: 2 Hours of CEU Certificate Provided: Yes 
  • Cost Per Person: $175.00
Hours Applied to ACE Certification: HUD, HOME, RD, and LIHTC HCCP
  • Manual: PDF Manual Download 


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